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The value of the activity is the value of the piece you choose to paint. The vast majority of our pieces are in the range of €17 to €23 (cups, bowls, medium size plates). We have pieces from €7 to €50. The price of the piece you choose to paint includes all the activity, the use of glazes and various tools to make your design, it also includes the final burning of the piece to make it shiny and ready to use.
Generally it takes between 7 and 12 days, the day of the activity we will tell you when your piece will be ready for delivery. In high season, delivery time may vary.
Yes, the reservation has NO cost. We always recommend booking, we are quite full on weekends and during the week there may be large group activities. Make sure you reserve your place. If your reservation is for a large group (more than 6 people) or to celebrate a special event contact us and we will try to place you at a large table.
For date and time changes, you must cancel your existing reservation and make a new one. For changes in the number of people, you can send us a Whatsapp to 646925040.
Yes, they are welcome, depending on the pet and depending on the case we reserve the location of your table.
Yes, if you have reserved a space in our studio you should do the activity, children enjoy it much more when parents take care of their own piece.
Yes, as long as they are children over 10 years old, and have a way to communicate with you, so that you can pick them up as soon as they finish the activity.
It is an activity for all ages, however, children over 6 years old will enjoy the experience more, as they will be able to choose designs and colors by themselves.
Wow, so many! We want to offer you variety and that every time you visit us you have a lot to choose from. We have different cups, bowls, plates of all sizes, large serving pieces, teapots, vases in all sizes, figurines, letters, decorative pieces and much more.
We are sorry but this is not possible. In our studio you will find hot and cold drinks.
Yes, you can celebrate birthdays for both children and adults. We recommend you to write to our Whatsapp: 646925040 for more information and to organize your event.
You can leave it in our studio and come back another day to finish it. You must book again and you will have to pay €5, you can also take advantage of your second visit to paint another piece and you will not have to pay any extra.
We are sorry but it is not possible. The concept of the activity is for you to choose from more than 200 designs.
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